Creating career and leadership momentum
Connect | Transition | Transform
Creating career and leadership momentum
Connect | Transition | Transform

When people and information are stuck, businesses are stuck.

Opportunities are missed, growth is halted and performance is compromised.

When individuals and teams connect, collaborate and co-create, momentum is generated and everybody wins.

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Business Owner

Owner of talentinsight Australia, a management consultancy specialising in the optimisation of careers, performance and workforce planning solutions.

Network Founder

Insync Network Group supports returning expats and their partners and families purposefully reconnect as they navigate their journey ‘home’.


A regular contributor to publications such as CEO Magazine, GLOSS and TEMI, Margot also writes a weekly blog and is looking forward to the publication of her first book later this year.


Highly regarded for her pragmatic and inspirational style, Margot is a regular speaker on the topics of global careers, leadership and high performance in today’s changing world of work.

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