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Alan Kohler

Financial journalist Alan Kohler interviews Margot Andersen for the Qantas Talking Business podcast about how the Insync Network Group supports individuals to translate international experience to the Australian market.


Margot Andersen was interviewed for Forbes Women’s Digital Network on the art of repatriation and discusses several strategies to make the return journey a successful one. 

The Politics of Everything

On Amber Daines’ podcast, Margot Andersen discusses the challenges of expat life are rarely talked about beyond the inner circle. She explains the facets of living abroad and repatriation journeys. 

Julie Hyde

Julie Hyde sits down with Margot Andersen to share some of her own career journey and discuss the importance of proactive career management for both individuals and business leaders alike.

The Wanderlusters Mind

Life coach Abby Lewtas speaks with Margot Andersen about global careers and returning home to Australia, including the challenges faced when moving abroad and navigating resettling back home. 

CEO Magazine

Building A Globally Connected Team

The nature of work is evolving, talents is increasingly mobile and organisations are increasingly international. But how can you keep teams in sync, engaged and connected from afar? 

Cultivating A Global Mindset

“The need for a global mindset is no longer reserved just for the expats and upwardly mobile employees,” says Margot Andersen in her CEO Magazine article on cultivating a global leadership mindset.

Building Diversity Through Mobility

Mobility allows for different perspectives, experiences and insights to be shared, valued and leveraged across an organisation. Read more on how mobility is beneficial for all organisations and workplaces here.

The Employee Mobility Institute

Leveraging Global Career Experience

International experience is an enormous asset for individuals and businesses, but how can knowledge and experience gleaned from working abroad be best leveraged upon returning home?

Building Global Talent Pipelines

If you lead a globally mobile workforce, or are an individual who is part of one, read Margot Andersen’s six considerations for building your global talent pipeline for the future marketplace. 

Three tips for repatriation journeys

Repatriation journeys are, at their core, about reconnection. And there is a great opportunity for organisations with international talent to assist with helping your repatriates to adjust returning home. 


Boomeranging: From Expat to Repat

Join Margot as she chats with former expats to explore the question, ‘What could be so hard about returning home after years living overseas?’

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