When individuals leverage experience, knowledge & networks, organisations win.
Margot Andersen
When individuals leverage experience, knowledge & networks, organisations win.
Margot Andersen

About Margot

Margot Andersen is a successful business owner, network founder, influencer and connector.

Enjoying a diverse and personally rewarding career that has spanned across some of Australia’s smallest rural communities through to the world’s largest cities, she is in the business of helping organisations and individuals get the balance right between thinking globally and acting locally.

As the Owner and Managing Director of talentinsight Australia, Margot is an expert in helping businesses and individuals leverage their experiences, knowledge and networks to increase performance and agility.

Combining an operational leadership and global HR resourcing background, Margot is an experienced business leader, workforce planning specialist, facilitator and executive mentor. Understanding that real success only occurs when talents, ambitions and opportunities are aligned she is a guru at designing frameworks that generate real conversations, offer transparency and create agile careers and performance mindsets.

She is the founder of Insync Network Group, a rapidly expanding network across Australia that supports expats and their spouses as they return from living and working overseas. Having relocated and repatriated her own career, Margot is particularly passionate about how individuals and businesses reconnect, retain and leverage their shared knowledge, opportunity and networks during the journey ‘home’.

She believes that individuals and organisations alike will only achieve success by thinking with global impact and acting with local relevance.

Think Global.  Act Local.




What Margot knows about

Eliminating Silos

When individuals and organisations are stuck in silos and functional lines, they are at risk of thinking small and staying small. Margot’s work helps business leaders create agile teams that understand the broader business and their opportunity within it.

Moving People

Moving beyond the logistics of managing a move, Margot’s practical insights help leaders and individuals identify, manage and leverage career and business opportunities throughout the relocation process and as they return ‘home’.

Opening Minds

Creating truly agile careers and businesses that offer relevance, exceptional service and impact requires a readiness to adapt, pivot and learn. Margot’s leadership programs help leaders overcome the ‘team and territory barriers’ by opening up mindsets to opportunity and potential.

What Margot does

margot-andersen-advises  Advises

Working with business leaders and key stakeholders, Margot develops structures and programs that align talented people with the right business opportunities.    More-icon


margot-andersen-trains-mentors  Trains & Mentors

Through customised training workshops and leadership programs, Margot helps leaders build & leverage experience, knowledge, skills & networks to create truly agile & mobile workforces.   More-icon


margot-andersen-writes  Writes

Margot is a regular contributor to several global publications on the topics of leadership, talent mobility a& career agility. She is also releasing her first book Reducing The Lag Time in 2017.  More-icon


margot-andersen-speaks  Speaks

An engaging, relatable and intelligent story teller, Margot’s ability to connect with her audience makes her a highly sought after speaker in the areas of leadership, career success and talent mobility.  More-icon

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