Where is your current momentum taking you?
Margot Andersen
Where is your current momentum taking you?
Margot Andersen

About Margot

Margot Andersen delivers career management and leadership programs that drive individual and commercial growth.

She is committed to helping leaders take action to move themselves, their teams and their business forward. While many worry about how to effectively do this in such rapidly changing and increasingly complex times, Margot believes that never before has there been so much opportunity and potential to leave our mark.

Maximising this opportunity and potential though requires both adaptability and momentum. Quite simply what got us ‘here’ won’t necessarily get us ‘there’. As leaders we need to build, unite and mobilise our people and their capability. We all know that if the same people are in the same place, doing the same ‘stuff’ for too long silos form, engagement is lost and status quo becomes the norm. This siloed way of thinking and working not only gets in the way of great results, it damages individual careers, fractures teams and impedes business growth.

Obsessed with helping people create career and business momentum, Margot’s expertise is focused on linking capability, potential and ambition with commercial opportunity. She is a guru at designing and implementing programs that equip and empower individuals, unite teams and drive change.

Enjoying a diverse and personally rewarding career that has spanned some of Australia’s smallest rural communities through to the world’s largest cities, Margot’s own career is one of agility and mobility. Commencing her career as a teacher she soon jumped into the world of business, which saw her take on roles at both a global corporate and private business level. Her own career story is one of managing global, domestic and organisational movement, whilst professionally she has supported businesses and individuals move through high change and business growth scenarios.

Highly regarded for her operational nous, pragmatic approach and influencing skills she is committed to creating practical frameworks that equip and empower individuals, unite teams, build momentum and drive change.

Margot is also the founder of the Insync Network a group that supports expatriates as they navigate their move ‘home’.

She is a regular writer for CEO Magazine, The Employee Mobility Institute (TEMI) and various other print and online leadership publications and is a sought after speaker for leadership and industry led conferences.

When she is not busy enjoying a career that she loves, she is an active family, community and board member who enjoys photography and capturing people in the moments they are doing the things they love.

Margot can help you with:

  • Building High Performance: Programs to educate, equip and implement
  • Eliminating silos: Unifying teams and driving collaboration
  • Moving People: Global mobility, internal mobility & business change programs
  • Workforce Planning: Right people, right place, right time
  • Leadership Success: Leading and managing with influence
  • Career Management: Driving ownership & agility

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